Soaring High Photography by Pam Sam

*****Hi, I'm Pam Sam. I started this site to let people see their kids, sports, my nature photos and some of my favorite shots. I am also for hire to do any sport photos - either team, individual or groups for a very reasonable flat rate. I also do graduation pictures, family portraits, your animals and anything you can think of. I enjoy the beauty of our local areas and country and want to share with all. Please call me @ 608-347-3501 or email me at

***** If you order the digital downloads , you will have lasting memories that you can share with family and friends.*****

If you need information, have questions, need to make special arraingments or to set up an appointment please contact me at:

608-347-3501 or e-mail me at --

Let me know what you think of my photos and if theres anything I can do for you give me a call or drop me a line.